Woodlawn: ONE

A Study by Dave Stone

In 1973, Birmingham was torn by racism and hate. God worked through the Woodlawn high school football team to unite the city and ignite a spiritual awakening. This revival was nothing short of miraculous. Could it happen again?

ONE features powerful scenes and exclusive footage from the movie Woodlawn to discover that it only takes one person to start a revolution. What if that person is you?

With teaching by Pastor Dave Stone and commentary by Dr. Tony Evans, ONE prepares your heart to experience and embrace a move of God. This study is designed for all small groups, regardless of whether your group has seen the movie Woodlawn.

Start the revolution. Be the ONE


Introducing QAVA

City on a Hill has launched a new streaming platform called QAVA. QAVA is a Bible study app designed for people with questions about God and faith. At QAVA, we extend an invitation to journey toward Jesus together. Our hope is to teach individuals not what to think, but instead to encourage their desire to think and wrestle with God’s Word. We believe it is in the wrestling and working out of our faith that we find the right view of God. Start your free 7-day trial!